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Backwater Tour in Bangladesh

Price $253 1 Day 2 Nights
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Backwater Tour in Bangladesh

$253 tour starting at

Backwater tour in Bangladesh is very interesting. Backwater tour takes you to a riverine world where colors dance on the water and each turn unveils a new story. Take a look at Barisal’s stunning floating marketplaces and backwater excursions. We’ll take you on a tour through these hidden treasures, experiencing the colorful culture, stunning scenery, and unique experiences that await you.

Backwater river trip and cannel cruise
Imagine gliding through a tranquil maze of rivers, surrounded by rich vegetation and nature’s soft sounds. Barisal backwater tours provide a relaxing getaway from the bustling world, as well as a unique view of life as it is interlaced with water.

Vibrant Floating Markets
The floating marketplaces are at the core of this adventure. Colorful boats packed with fresh vegetables, handcrafted crafts, and regional specialties make for a vibrant spectacle on the river. It’s not just about shopping; it’s about making friends, engaging in friendly chat, and enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Immerse in Local Culture
Backwaters and floating marketplaces in Bangladesh provide a glimpse into the country’s unique culture. You’ll see traditional lives on their daily moves, organic aquaculture agriculture, diverse nature, every friendly people and their inner courtyards. You will be diving through the deeper culture and nature of Bangladesh.

Time for this trip
This is a year-round trip. You will get different flavors of the seasons doing the same trip in different months. This area is glamorous during the rainy season. The rain gives the countryside new life, transforming it into a vivid tapestry of colors and fragrances. The backwaters come alive over the rainy season. The floating marketplaces are at their best during the winter season with golden light smiling through the dancing mist.

A Boat Ride Like No Other
It’s as if you’ve entered a dreamscape as you drift across the canals. Villagers go about their everyday activities, children play along the banks, while fishermen cast their nets. It’s a moment that feels both bizarre and completely genuine.

Savoring Local Delights
The floating markets are more than simply a shopping experience; they are also a gourmet excursion. The flavors of Bangladesh await you, from spicy street cuisine to aromatic spices. Treat your taste senses to a symphony of flavors.

Meeting Local Artists Along the Way
The floating markets also provide an opportunity to interact with local craftspeople. Chat with expert artisans, see them create intricate pieces, and take home a memento of your journey that carries the essence of Bangladesh’s creativity.

Capturing Memories in Pixels
Every corner of Barisal backwaters is a photographer’s paradise. The interplay of light on water, the vibrant boats, and the candid smiles of locals provide endless opportunities to capture moments that will forever remind you of this journey.

Nurturing Nature
Remember to be a responsible traveler as you enjoy this experience. Reduce your environmental effect, dispose of waste responsibly, and support programs that will preserve the beauty of the backwaters for future generations.

Exploring History
The backwaters are full of stories from the past. There are a lot of heritage and historical sites around this area for archaeology enthusiasts. Today, as we travel across these waterways, we are following in the footsteps of historic traders who created the region’s history.

Keeping Safe on the Water
While the journey is amazing, safety comes first. To make the most of your vacation, jour boats are equipped with water safety materials for any emergency situation. Always listen to the advice of experienced guide and boatmen and we are always updated about weather conditions.

A voyage through Bangladesh’s floating markets and backwaters is more than a vacation; it’s an immersion into a world of colors, civilizations, and connections. It’s an adventure that will nourish your spirit and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Group Tour Price
  • $ 253
    price starts from
  • Group Size Per-person price in USD Or in BDT
    1 PAX $641.00 64,100.00
    2 PAX $390.00 39,000.00
    4 PAX $290.00 29,000.00
    6 PAX $253.00 25,300.00
    1.2% to 2.5% charges will be applicable while paying by credit card.

    Please contact us for your customized tour plan and costs.

  • All transfers in Dhaka and Barisal by reserved ac vehicle
  • VIP AC cabin on twin sharing basis in a scheduled public launch
  • 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and a dinner along with seasonal fruits, snacks, tea and bottled water
  • Full day Back Water Trip by reserved vehicle and country boat
  • An expert English speaking Tour guide all the way /local guide

Dinner on the first night, hard drinks, laundry service, gratitude, any expenses of personal nature and any activities not mentioned in the itinerary.

This itinerary is just a guide to what is planned. We remain open to your input and plans be adjusted to make your tour more interesting, relevant and exciting. It may also be modified due to· circumstances beyond our control.

  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 4:00 PM from gulshan and Launch departure time is between 8 to 9:30 PM.
  • Return Time
    Arrival at Sadarghat river port between 4:00 AM to 7:00 AM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and warm jacket.
Day 1: Dhaka to Barisal: Crossing over the Ganges delta by overnight Launch
Your guide and driver will come to pick you up at 4:00 PM and drive towards Sadarghat River Port to avail yourself of your overnight launch. Overlooking the Burigonga River’s evening activities are endless, you can just keep looking. Your launch will leave between 8:30 PM to 9 PM, you may have a wonderful dinner at the rooftop restaurant of the Sadarghat terminal building. They have a nice kitchen with some Asian fusions. Your guide will share the exact departure time of your boat, so you can manage your time likewise. Have an adorable journey.   [Barisal is the last destination of your boat; therefore, you don’t have to rush to disembark right on arrival in Barisal. Your guide will advise you on the exact meeting and departure time after consulting with your captain]
Launch departure and arrival information: Rocket/paddle Steamer is no longer in operation, no idea of its return ever. The only river journeys a tourist may experience would be by a privately owned public launch routing between Dhaka – Barisal route, which leaves between 8 PM to 9:30 PM from Sadarghat. It is a recommended trip to experience the beautiful & calm cruise and travel life on board. You are welcome to walk around your ship, meet people, make friends and take pictures. In normal situations (of weather, tide and fog) the launch arrives between 3 AM to 8 AM at Barisal.
Cabins in the Launch: There are various cabins in a launch; Single, double, family and VIP AC / and non-AC cabins. Regular single and double cabins are the simplest and cheapest, with few common bathrooms shared by 20-25 cabins. A sensitive person may find difficulties in using a common bathroom being used by a big traveling crowd. Even the cabins near the common bathroom would feel the strong bathroom smells. VIP cabins always offer the best facilities, including a big bed for two adults, a European bathroom attached, a private balcony and some seating spaces. All VIP cabins are located in an isolated zone of the ship. The bed in the VIP cabins varies from queen/king to twins from ship to ship. Of course, this is the most expensive class on the ship. This trip includes VIP cabins for our guest's comfortable journey, good sleep, privacy and hygiene are important. Our guests always deserve more, no compromise on comfort on the journey also for the safety and privacy of our guests. A budget traveler should express their opinion regarding their cabin preference.
Launch and Cabin for you: The name of your launch is [TBA], will reserve a nice VIP double cabin for you. And the boat will leave Sadarghat around 8:30 PM.
Dinner onboard: They serve Bangla food (Plain rice, mixed vegetables, chicken & Fish Curries and daal) according to your order, in the dining area of the ship, located inside the VIP Zone. They require pre-orders to get the food on time. Better to settle the bill at night to avoid a rush in the morning.
Restaurant in Sadarghat: There is a nice restaurant on the terrace of the Sadarghat River terminal building, overlooking the busy river ‘Buriganga’. The food is nice, and the view is charming. The menu has a selection of local and European-style food with Bangla influences, mild spicy.
Disembarking: Barisal is the last stop of the boat you are riding on, so it doesn’t matter how early the boat arrives in Barisal. We can wait inside the launch until the daylight is up and then we can disembark. It is best to leave the launch by 6 AM otherwise floating markets will be gone by we will reach.
Day 2: Full day Back Water Trip by local boat- endless impression about nature and rural life
Leave the launch 6AM (or later, according to your arrival) for Banaripara by reserved vehicle. It will be a 40km (1hour) drive. Embark on your awaiting trawler for backwater cruise and floating market visits. Soon after the boat starts its cruise, your guide will offer you a little breakfast (Ruti/ Parat and Egg sandwich), snacks with tea. Enjoy the panorama of endless greenery. Exploring life, people and their daily activities are charming. We will get off in some interesting village marketplaces and Schools in rural area. There are some weekly floating vegetables, fruits, and timber markets on our route. Spectacular to see how the manual labors load and unload all the giants’ logs just by hands. The cruise is for 5/6 hours but the impression is endless. A freshly prepared lunch will be served by a local family in the village. Your boat will have some fresh fruits (seasonal) and dry food items, plenty of bottled water, tea on the boat. Drive back to Barisal same way by reserved car to avail the overnight launch (ETD 8:30 PM) to Dhaka.
Day 3: Arriving Dhaka very early in the morning
Arriving Dhaka from Barisal very early (5am to 6am) in the morning, on arrival our driver will come to pick you up and transfer to your home/hotel or at the office.

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