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Photography tours in Bangladesh

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Photography tours in Bangladesh

Photography tours in Bangladesh can be a life-changing game. Bangladesh is a country of contrasts, with natural beauty and cultural diversity coexisting with poverty and social issues. It is also a land of opportunities, where photographers can discover countless subjects to photograph and explore. This article will provide some photography-related advice and insights from our recent trips.

Why travel to Bangladesh?

Bangladesh may not be the most popular destination for photographers, but it has much to offer those who are prepared to venture beyond clichés and stereotypes. Here are several reasons a photographer should travel to Bangladesh:

– It is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, with more than 170 million people living in an area marginally smaller than Iowa. It indicates that there is always something happening on the streets, in markets, in villages, and in cities, and you can look into the daily lives of millions of people in a variety of settings and contexts. Bangladeshis are incredibly hospitable and compassionate people who will always welcome you. Even though they have numerous problems, they are always cheerful, relaxed, and not at all frustrated, which sends a powerful message to the modern world.

– The confluence of the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers forms the world’s most extraordinary delta. The ecosystem of the delta is rich and diverse, containing mangrove forests, wetlands, islands, beaches, and fauna. The rivers shape and reshape the landscape through flooding and erosion.

– Its history, religion, and geography have shaped a complex and diverse culture. Its architecture, art, and cuisine bear the marks of ancient civilizations, colonial powers, and modern influences. You can also experience the diversity of its people, who belong to various ethnic groups, speak various languages, and adhere to various religions.

– It is a country of resiliency and optimism, where people confront numerous challenges such as poverty, corruption, natural disasters, political instability, and climate change effects as sea level rise and salinity increase towards the inland. However, despite these hardships, they exhibit remarkable resilience, creativity and optimism. This is evident in their vibrant festivals, artistic creations, and entrepreneurial spirit.

trip to chittagong shipbreaking yard
trip to chittagong shipbreaking yard

How do you organize your travel?

Before you schedule your flight to Bangladesh, there are a number of considerations and preparations you must make for your photography trip. The following are some of the procedures you may follow:

– Gain knowledge:
Learn as much as possible about the country, culture, history, and current situation. Read books, articles, journals, and guides that outline what to anticipate and what to avoid. You can also seek inspiration from other photographers who have previously visited Bangladesh by observing the images they captured and the locations they visited. We can recommend some excellent books and online resources, as well as connect you with photographers who have traveled with us on previous journeys.

– Tour guide or escort:
As English is not widely spoken in Bangladesh, you will need a knowledgeable guide with photographic expertise for your photo walk to Bangladesh. Even though the road signs are in Bangla, it is very difficult for a foreigner to obtain train tickets if traveling independently. No English-speaking bus conductors, CNG (tuk-tuk) drivers, rickshaw pullers, or boatmen exist. Therefore, a photographer must find the best guide.

– Get your visa:
All nationals are required to obtain a visa to enter Bangladesh. You may apply for a visa online at the Bangladeshi embassy or consulate closest to your location. You must present certain documents, including your passport (6 month validity), trip itinerary, and invitation letter (from us).

– Book your tour in advance:
Book your tour in advance with us or whoever you plan to travel with. Bangladesh may not be a popular tourist destination domestically and internationally; it is very seasonal and small. Consequently, during peak travel seasons or holidays, finding a suitable place to stay or a reliable mode of transportation can be difficult. Once you have booked your journey with us, we will take care of all your travel arrangements and local permits, including hotel rooms, guesthouses, homestays, campsites, houseboats, or anything else that fits your budget and level of comfort. We will also book your flights, trains, buses, cars, boats, rickshaws, and bicycles in accordance with your level of comfort and sense of adventure. Most of our photographer groups are accompanied by a professional person with photographic knowledge and with the assistance of other local guides and experts.

Pack your equipment:

Depending on the genre of photography you want to follow and the location of your trip, you may need various types of equipment. Here is our recommendation according to our field experience:

– Camera:
A lightweight and adaptable mirrorless and backup camera in case my main camera malfunctioned.

– Lanes:
Most photographers use a wide-angle zoom lens for landscapes and architecture and a telephoto zoom lens for portraits and fauna. Occasionally, a prime lens is required for low-light and street photography.

– Tripod:
A Lightweight, portable tripod that is easy to carry around and set up. Mainly you will use the tripod for long exposures and night photography.

– Filters:
A circular polarizer filter to reduce glare and enhance colors in bright conditions and a neutral density filter to produce blurred motion effects in cascades and rivers.

– Memory cards:
multiple high-capacity, high-speed memory cards are required to store the files. A card reader and a hard drive for regular file backups.

– Batteries:
you must carry additional batteries for your camera and charge them whenever you have access to an electrical outlet.

Drones are permitted almost everywhere in Bangladesh, with the exception of a few restricted zones.

You must be prepared with proper protection of your equipment from unpleasant weather, rains heat, and so on.

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