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Responsible and sustainable travel

Since founding the company in 2012, Royal Bengal Tours has been committed to practising environmentally responsible tourism. This implies that it must be both ecologically and socially sustainable. Your use of our locally-based services, such as transportation, tour guides, meals and accommodations, helps the local economy and the places you visit. To decrease our carbon footprint, we avoid domestic flights whenever possible. On our vacations, you can travel without guilt.

Local tour guides

Local tour guides are among the most compelling reasons to select Royal Bengal Tours. Our tour guides have been working for many years and are multilingual. They have excellent relationships along the way and provide local perspectives. You can talk about politics, religion, and social concerns with him or her. Take advantage of the opportunity to dine at places where few visitors would. The tour guide is actually your host in the country.

Meet the locals

We value social interaction highly. Meeting people is essential to us. Our goal is to let people from different backgrounds meet and interact with locals during the journey. Many of our excursions take place in rural settings. Here, traditional culture persists in a manner distinct from that of the big city. In tiny towns and villages, making contact with individuals and understanding their living conditions is considerably simpler. Many travellers confessed that meeting ever-friendly locals was the most fun and interesting part of the trip.

Familiarity with the country

Learning is never-ending. We learn daily from our mistakes, books, exploration, and many other sources. Travelling is our passion, a very important part of our existence. We are deeply in love with the country, people, culture and beautiful surroundings. We have learned that travel helps you grow. Our dynamic team has travelled around the country very well and will remain ongoing. They take their time to explore even a tiny detail and dive into the deep of culture. Our connection is vast and strong. We are very confident to assist you in packing for the vacation. Each of our excursions includes a carefully selected book and a detailed map. We are very well prepared to turn your days into memory.

Smaller groups

In a large group, you may be only a number, but for us, all tour companions are of equal importance and have the same right to participate in the trip and learn everything. We dislike overcrowded tour buses and flag-waving guides. Smaller groups can better communicate between the guide and the local populace. Our groups consist of six to twelve passengers on average. There is a maximum of sixteen passengers per group. We do, however, offer tours with as few as five participants. There are one to twenty people in each group on our family tours. This increases the probability that children will travel with peers of the same age.

Longer travels

Time is necessary for building human connections and gaining a deeper understanding of a culture. Additionally, time is essential to do tasks independently. Therefore, our group vacations are typically slightly longer than those organized by other companies. We provide excursions ranging from two to thirty-one days.

Flexible travel plan and tour guide

Our tours are flexible, and the itinerary frequently includes ample time for individual activities. Every day, you can partake in exciting activities with your travel companions or on your own. The tour guide is there to assist you in locating points of interest.

Independently owned and authentic hotels

We seek out small families with distinct personalities for our homestay trips. Standard varies, but double rooms with a toilet and a shower are usual. Our guests will have their private room separated from the host family room. However, none of our homestays offers luxury facilities. The idea is to let you experience and learn about local daily life and culture. On the majority of our excursions, we spend one or two nights with a family. Homestays are really an opportunity for students to have a lesson for their life. An explorer will find another dimension of life in the homestay.

Local transport

We mostly use trains, public launches and ferry services for our long-distance journeys. We usually try to avoid day or night bus journeys for safety reasons. Then, the voyage will no longer be merely a means of transportation; passengers will be able to converse with one another, and there will be constant action! We would employ local transport for sightseeing and transfers from our trusted partners across the country.

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