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Thrilling Experiance of Otter Fishing and Backwater Tour

Price $390 3 Days and 2 Nights
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Thrilling Experiance of Otter Fishing and Backwater Tour

$390 tour starting at

Thrilling experience of otter fishing and backwater trip with the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sixty-Domed Mosque. Otter fishing and backwater trip begins with a fascinating overnight launch journey. Backwater canal cruises and floating markets will immerse you in the rich aquatic landscapes of Barisal. Without any doubt, this will be an unforgettable experience where adventure meets aquatic beauty.

Backwater and floating markets of Bangladesh are very unique and impressive. Bangladesh is one of the largest deltas in the world, proud of its vast river network. Barisal backwater trip, floating vegetable gardens, pottery village, architecture, traditional crafting and serene canal cruise navigate through tranquil waterways, surrounded by lush landscapes and local life, as you discover the unique charm of this hidden beauty. Don’t miss the vibrant floating markets, where traditional boat brim with colorful crops, crafts, and lively exchanges, offering an immersive cultural experience that’s both memorable and mesmerizing. Because of the extensive river networks around Barisal and Kuakata regions, they are affectionately called the “land of rivers“ by their people. The civilization in this delta evolved around the rivers, which are the lifeline here.

Bagerhat has been blessed with ancient brick architecture. Islamic architecture and Hindu architecture of this area are unique in many ways. The Sixty Dome Mosque is a UNESCO World Heritage site and recommended place to visit. Holly mausoleum of Saint Khan Jahan Ali, a huge water tank in front of the shrine, nine domed mosques, and one dome mosque are the context icon of this area.

Sustainable fishing technique with trained otters has been here for thousand years. This old-fashioned fishing technique plays an important role in otter conservation in Bangladesh. Only Lutra perspicillata otter species are used for fishing by the fishermen around Bangladesh Sundarbans.

Otter families are kept in a bamboo case on the corner of the wooden fishing boat. The otter family size can be from 2 up to 6 or 8 with one or two offspring. Usually, adult otters help the fisherman with fishing, never mind the offspring are set free to play around. The fishnet lies on the bamboo deck, between the otter cage and a small storage area packed with pans, pots, and food supplies. The otter fishermen go on fishing for a week or more at a time. They prefer sleeping on the open deck rather than on the mudflats and islands, where tigers wander. The otter fisherman fishes for a couple of hours at a stretch, high tide is the most productive time for catching fish.

Four barefoot men operate the boat along one of the muddy waterways in the mangrove, close to Koromjol and Harbaria in Bangladesh’s Sundarbans.

It will be the same setup and crew who will demonstrate the whole activity on a river near their village. Do not hesitate to give it a try to learn their traditional fishing techniques, passed down through generations, and gain insights into the intimate relationship between otters and fishermen. Your guide will explain and make sure everything goes right. No worries, you are on the right hand.

Please appreciate the sustainable fishing practices that respect the delicate balance of the aquatic ecosystem. Leave no trace behind, and ensure the well-being of the otters and their habitat.

A visit to S M Sultan‘s Art Gallery will be a very special gift for an Art lover. Sultan’s work dives into social topics, providing light on poverty, inequality, and the human condition. His Art reflects society, encouraging introspection and change. Sultan’s art inspires us to consider the nature of mankind and our responsibility to one another.

Let’s join the trip to experience all the excitement in real life. Be careful, don’t fall in love with the culture and its people. Guaranty, it will not be your last trip.

  • Tour Price
  • $ 390
    starts from
  • Group Size Per-person price in USD Or in BDT
    1 PAX $999.00 99,900.00
    2 PAX $550.00 55,000.00
    4 PAX $480.00 48,000.00
    6 PAX $390.00 39,000.00
    1.2% to 2.5% charges will be applicable while paying by credit card.
  • The trip, as per the itinerary
  • Hotel/ Residence (Gulshan area) to Sadarghat transfer by reserved vehicle
  • VIP (most luxurious) cabin for Dhaka – Barisal overnight journey on twin sharing basis
  • Reserved boat for backwater and floating market cruise
  • Accommodation at a hotel in Khulna on twin shared basis
  • All transfers and sightseeing by reserved vehicle
  • Entrance fees and local permits
  • Otterfisning activities
  • Daily breakfasts,lunch, drinks and snacks during the excursion
  • Knowledgeable English-speaking guide

Personal expenses, Dinner, gratuities, or any activity not specifically mentioned in the itinerary

Rocket/paddle Steamer is no longer in operation, no idea of its return ever. The only river journeys a tourist may experience would be by a privately owned public launch routing between Dhaka – Barisal route, which leaves between 8 PM to 9:30 PM from Sadarghat. It is a recommended trip to experience the beautiful & calm cruise and travel life on board. You are welcome to walk around your ship, meet people, make friends and take pictures. In normal situations (of weather, tide and fog) the launch arrives between 3 AM to 8 AM at Barisal.

There are various cabins in a launch; Single, double, family and VIP AC / and non-AC cabins. Regular single and double cabins are the simplest and cheapest, with few common bathrooms shared by 20-25 cabins. A sensitive person may find difficulties in using a common bathroom being used by a big traveling crowd. Even the cabins near the common bathroom would feel the strong bathroom smells. VIP cabins always offer the best facilities, including a big bed for two adults, a European bathroom attached, a private balcony and some seating spaces. All VIP cabins are located in an isolated zone of the ship. The bed in the VIP cabins varies from queen/king to twins from ship to ship. Of course, this is the most expensive class on the ship. This trip includes VIP cabins for our guest’s comfortable journey, good sleep, privacy and hygiene are important. Our guests always deserve more, no compromise on comfort on the journey also for the safety and privacy of our guests. A budget traveler should express their opinion regarding their cabin preference.

The name of your launch is [TBA], will reserve a nice VIP double cabin for you. And the boat will leave Sadarghat around 8:30 PM.

They serve Bangla food (Plain rice, mixed vegetables, chicken & Fish Curries and daal) according to your order, in the dining area of the ship, located inside the VIP Zone. They require pre-orders to get the food on time. Better to settle the bill at night to avoid a rush in the morning.

There is a nice restaurant on the terrace of the Sadarghat River terminal building, overlooking the busy river ‘Buriganga’. The food is nice, and the view is charming. The menu has a selection of local and European-style food with Bangla influences, mild spicy.

Barisal is the last stop of the boat you are riding on, so it doesn’t matter how early the boat arrives in Barisal. We can wait inside the launch until the daylight is up and then we can disembark. It is best to leave the launch by 6 AM otherwise floating markets will be gone by we will reach.

  • Destination
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, closed shoes, hat. Warm jacket during the winter (November to February). Raincoat/ umbrella during the rainy season (May to August).
Day 1: Old Dhaka Heritage walk and Crossing over the Ganges delta by overnight Launch
 Your guide and driver will pick you up at 8 AM from the hotel/ residence. We will spend the day exploring old Dhaka and avail of our overnight launch from Sadarghat River port in the early evening. Today's old Dhaka excursion would include: visiting Kawran Bazar, the Parliament Building from outside, Lalbagh Fort, the National Hindu Temple, the lively campus of the University of Dhaka, walking through biryani street, Bongshal residential area, Carpenter Street, Koshai Tuli Street, Star Mosque, lunch at Nanna biryani/ Al-Razzak / with a local Dhakaiya family (Minimum 4 PAX required)/ star Kabab/ Beauty Boarding or Kalpana Boarding, continue to visit the Armenian Church, walkthrough Tanti and Shakharibazar Hindu Street, pass by the Pink palace, chaotic Sadarghat Riverport, short boat trip on Burigonga River, visiting of Shipbuilding yards, heavy metal recycling industries.
Head towards Sadarghat River Port to embark on your overnight launch. Overlooking the Burigonga River’s evening activities is like an unlimited live television which you can't stop looking at. Your launch will leave between 8:30 PM to 9 PM, you may have a wonderful dinner at the rooftop restaurant of the Sadarghat terminal building. They have a nice kitchen with some Asian fusions. Your guide will share the exact departure time of your boat, so you can manage your time likewise. Have an adorable journey.   [Barisal is the last destination of your boat; therefore, you don’t have to rush to disembark right on arrival in Barisal. Your guide will advise you on the exact meeting and departure time after consulting with your captain]
Day 2: Full day Backwater tour and Bagerhat UNESCO World heritage site– the city of past glory
Leave the launch 6 AM (or later, according to your arrival) for Banaripara by reserved vehicle. It will be a 40km (1 hour) drive. Embark on your awaiting trawler for a backwater cruise and floating market visits. Soon after the boat starts its cruise, your guide will offer you a little breakfast (Ruti/ Parat and Egg sandwich), and snacks with tea. Enjoy the panorama of endless greenery. Exploring life, people and their daily activities are charming. We will get off in some interesting village marketplaces and Schools in rural areas. There are some weekly floating vegetables, fruits, and timber markets on our route. Spectacular to see how the manual laborers load and unload all the giants’ logs just by hand. The cruise is for 5/6 hours but the impression is endless. Your boat will have some fresh fruits (seasonal) and dry food items, plenty of bottled water, and tea. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Bagerhat. Disembark from the boat at Banaripara and drive towards Bagerhat by reserved vehicle (1.5 hours). The Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat is an ancient city, formerly known as Khalifatabad, founded by the Turkish general Ulugh Khan Jahan in the 15th century. The town contains some of the most significant structures of the initial period of the development of the Muslim architecture of Bengal. This city has the highest number of mosques after Dhaka city. Your first visit will be at Kodla Moth -  a beautiful ancient brick architecture in Hindu Temple. This is one of the remarkable examples of xikhara type of temple in Bangladesh, dating back to the 15th century. Continue visiting a series of mosques, Including nine domed mosques, Jinda Peer Mosque, Sixty Domed Mosque (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and site museum, Shingair Mosque and Ronobijoypur Mosque. Drive 10 minutes to the mausoleum of Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali by a holy water tank, where you may see some Marsh crocodiles. Continue a scenic drive to Khulna for an overnight stay at a hotel. Dinner and a good night in Khulna.
[The spiritual beliefs in conserving wildlife species in different religious places of Bangladesh: Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali used to raise two Mugger/ Marsh crocodiles named Kalapahar and Dhalapahar in the pond located right in front of his mausoleum. Off-course, none of that pair is alive now. There are two (male and female) marsh crocodiles in the pond now. These marsh crocodile pairs were received from the Indian government. The conservation of biodiversity is developing into one of the biggest challenges of the century. Rapidly declining forests and the degradation of wild habitats directly result from a lack of public awareness and participation in the conservation process. However, in small land areas in undeveloped countries characterized by high population density and poor public awareness, local religious and/or spiritual beliefs favour biodiversity conservation at both species and habitat levels. Some local beliefs have been protecting important wildlife species such as the Black Soft-shell Turtle, Mugger Crocodile, Rock Pigeon and Rhesus Macaque for generations]
Day 3: Experiencing unique otter fishing and late afternoon flight to Dhaka
Leave the hotel after breakfast for Nararil by reserved vehicle to experience unique otter fishing. Some Hindu communities of these areas have been using trained otters for fishing at night in Sundarban area for several thousands of years. We invite you to meet some of the last remaining generations involved in this traditional way of fishing. Enjoy a freshly prepared lunch with a Hindu fisherman family, which was never an issue to be worried about stomach upset. Otherwise, we can drive to Jeshore for a little bit of late lunch at a local restaurant. Drive to Jessore airport to avail the afternoon flight to Dhaka. Upon arrival in Dhaka, you will be transferred to your hotel or residence.

Tour Location

Dhaka, Barisal, Bagerhat, Khulna, Narail and Dhaka

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