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Day trip to Chittagong Shipbreaking Yards

Price $215 1 Day
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Day trip to Chittagong Shipbreaking Yards

$215 tour starting at

A trip to the Chittagong Shipbreaking Yard is like venturing into a world of raw industrial power and captivating chaos. As the sun rises, casting a golden hue over the bustling city of Chittagong in Bangladesh, anticipation fills the air. The shipbreaking yard, located on the banks of the Karnaphuli River, beckons with its enigmatic allure.

As you approach the yard, an eerie sight unfolds before your eyes. Massive steel giants, once majestic vessels traversing vast oceans, now lie beached and defeated, awaiting their final fate. Towering cranes and heavy machinery dominate the landscape, their mechanical symphony reverberating through the air. The energy is palpable, a juxtaposition of excitement and solemnity.

A sense of wonder and fascination envelops your eyes. The sheer scale of the operation is mind-boggling. Skilled workers, clad in protective gear, navigate the labyrinthine pathways, their dedication evident in every move they make. They dismantle the ships with precision, working tirelessly to salvage every usable piece of metal, creating a ballet of human endeavor amidst the remnants of maritime history.

The stark contrast between the past and the present will be evident as you walk along the rows of bare vessels. Peering into the empty hulls, imagine the stories these ships hold, the voyages they undertook, and the countless lives they touched. The shipbreaking yard becomes a living testament to the ebb and flow of time, a place where relics of the past are reincarnated into the materials that shape our future.

However, amidst the grandeur and fascination, there are inherent dangers and environmental concerns that surround this industry. The constant battle for worker safety and the impact on the surrounding ecosystem cast a shadow over the experience. It serves as a reminder that progress comes at a price, and responsible practices must be embraced to ensure a sustainable future.

Travelers’ physical fitness, flexibility and willingness to accept some uncertainties are required on this trip. This trip depends on river tides, weather and some other local circumstances, like walking through deep mud to reach a shipbreaking yard. Our main goal is to get the most out of the day.

A photographer will find hundreds of stories to follow for a day around shipbreaking yards, fishermen’s villages, morning fish markets, flea markets, old towns, shipbuilding yards, salt harvesting and refining old fashion industry, various recycling industries, old bazaar areas, Karnaphuli River and architectures.

Bangladesh’s second largest and commercially important port city, standing on the northern bank of the Karnaphuli River, has the busiest seaport. Chittagong has a population of around 8.6 million (in 2017). The climate is pleasant year-round; it becomes cooler in winter and slightly hot and humid during the summer—the annual rainfall of Chittagong is on average 2735 mm (107.7 in) per year. The Chittagong region is still an off-the-beaten-track.

Leaving the Chittagong Shipbreaking Yard, you will carry a multitude of emotions and a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of global trade and the human spirit. It is a place where the past meets the present, where resilience and resourcefulness thrive amidst adversity. The shipbreaking yard stands as a testament to our ability to reshape and repurpose, reminding us that even in the face of change, the spirit of innovation endures.

  • Tour Price
  • $ 222
    starts from
  • Group Size Per-person price in USD Or in BDT
    1 PAX $485.00 47,500.00
    2 PAX $322.00 31,500.00
    4 PAX $264.00 23,500.00
    6 PAX $222.00 21,500.00
    1.2% to 2.5% charges will be applicable while paying by credit card.
  • Reserved vehicle and driver for transfers and sightseeing
  • Dhaka-Chittagong-Dhaka back-and-forth flight ticket
  • A knowledgeable English-speaking guide
  • A light lunch at a local restaurant
  • All entrance fees and necessary permits
  • Bottled water, soft drinks, tea seasonal fruits and old Dhaka special snacks
  • All rickshaws, boats, and local transport

Personal expenses, gratuities, and any activity not specifically mentioned in the itinerary.

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Please arrive by 9:15 AM for a prompt departure at 9:30 AM.
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 8:30 PM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, closed shoes, hat. Warm jacket during the winter (November to February). Raincoat/ umbrella during the rainy season (May to August). Full sleeves are always necessary while visiting any religious place, mosque, temple, church or a trip during Ramadan.
Ship Breaking yards, local life, culture and architecture around Chittagong
Your guide will come to pick and transfer you to the domestic airport to avail of the first (morning) flight (7:00 AM) to Chittagong. Upon arrival in Chittagong, you will be received by your driver and guide. Today, your visit will include an exciting sea fish market, an impressive wooden fishing shipbuilding yard, a short cruise on the Karnphuli river by country boat, and boating or walking around the world's largest shipbuilding yard. Your guide would decide the time order of mentioned visiting places according to the time and situation.   Please note that the tourists/ photographers are not allowed by the local authority and yard owners to step into the shipyard. Therefore, we are left with only a few limited options for a glimpse of the industry:
Plan – A: Boating around the shipyards by country boat few hours.
We shall take a fishing boat to cruise around the yards and ships for a few hours, which is very interesting. Being on the country boat, you will have a sharp image of every detail of the ship breaking industry. You can go significantly closer to the vessel where they are at dismantle. Sometimes they (Worker/supervisor) allow you to step into the ship and take pictures as they are very far from the yard owner's eyesight. A photographer can spend a whole day cruising around the shipyards and taking photographs.     Most importantly, you can make the boat trip around the shipyards only during the high tide and when the sea is calm (between October to the first week of March). The mentioned itinerary is just a rough travel plan of what you will do on this trip. You will receive a revised travel plan after booking confirmation according to the tide table coordination.
Plan – B: Walking around the shipyards nearby a fishing village
We will leave the car by the Dhaka-Chittagong highway and start walking through a Hindu fishing village, which is scenic. This walk ends at a seashore which has some shipyards around. You can see all actions of the industry even without entering into the yard.  Most of the time, we were fortunate with the golden light in the afternoon at this place. This afternoon golden light photography requires a walk through the deeper and sticky mud closer to the ship. So, physical fitness is necessary, and you have to be equipped with the right shoes for sticky, deeper (can be up to your knee) mud with lots of rusted metals.  We must come to this place during the low tide. We are one of the few guides in Bangladesh who have spent a long time researching and photographing for personal hobbies and assignments.

Tour Location

Chittagong and ship breaking industries

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