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This trip is a fantastic mixture of life, culture, and heritage of Dhaka and surrounding areas, including the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Cox's Bazar, and the only coral island. It is a journey through a diverse tribal culture, vibrant local life, adventures, lush nature, bamboo rafts, hiking and a beautiful cruise on numerous lakes and rivers…

$1750 / per person

Bangladesh is the land of people for whom kindness, generosity and encouragement are the way of life. Study and Travel Bangladesh offers you the opportunity to explore and read this fascinating novel during a month-long trip with us. We are eagerly waiting to welcome you to this ever-friendly country. It is not just a trip,…

$4881 / per person

This trip offers various adventurous experiences and an in-depth view of the Chittagong, Rangamati and Bandarban Hill Districts. On this six-day trip, you will explore Chittagong city and the surrounding Rangamati and Bandarban hill tracts from a different perspective. Chittagong city is unparalleled for the world’s largest ship-breaking industry, contemporary, ancient, and colonial architecture, the…

$825 / per person

This trip combines adventure and relaxation while providing a glimpse of the Hill Tracts. This three-day trip will take you to Chittagong city, its surroundings and the Rangamati Hill District. Chittagong City is unparalleled for the world’s largest ship-breaking industry. The contemporary, ancient, and colonial architectures are marvellous. Seaports, beaches, and sea fish abound, as…

$477 / per person