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A trip to Sylhet-Srimangal offers quite a verities experiences within a short time. On these 10 days trip, you will explore the most picturesque green hilly areas covered by tea leaves, reserved rain forest, wildlife and bird sanctuaries, renowned waterfalls, haors, local lifestyle and culture of Sreemangal and Sylhet. Hiking, cycling and country boat cruising…

$1287 / per person

This trip brings you into the deep of Sreemangal. You will explore every ins and outs of this area in detail. These seven days trip to Sreemangal is a great combination of all possible activities one can expect in this area.  Relaxing at the most picturesque green hilly areas covered by the tea leaves. Trekking…

$811 / per person

This trip combines a few days of relaxation in nature and some easy excursions around Sreemangal in four days. The excitement starts from a train trip to Sreemangal through the beautiful landscapes. Besides your relaxation in Sreemangal, you are welcome to follow some of our proposed activities in and around. The activities of this trip…

$561 / per person

An overnight trip to Srimangal is for a person who has limited time to visit the beautiful tea area of Sreemangal or wants to take a short break from a hectic daily routine. It is worth visiting Sreemanga, even for a day or two. This tour begins with a pleasant train ride (to and from)…

$243 / per person

The story of Bangladesh is colourful and multi-layered. This trip promotes the tradition and rich reservoir of culture and an ever-evolving museum of human heritage. Bangladesh is for everyone; is not only a tour but a celebration of history and heritage, art and culture, food and festivals, and a collage of its beauty and splendour…

$2799 / per person

Bangladesh is the land of people for whom kindness, generosity and encouragement are the way of life. Study and Travel Bangladesh offers you the opportunity to explore and read this fascinating novel during a month-long trip with us. We are eagerly waiting to welcome you to this ever-friendly country. It is not just a trip,…

$4881 / per person