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Fishing life around the Ganges River delta of Bangladesh

Barisal and Kuakata

Unique backwater canal cruise and floating markets

Explore The Life Around Ganges Delta...

Bangladesh is one of the largest deltas in the world, proud of its vast river network. Barisal and Kuakata are affectionately called the “land of rivers” by its people. The civilization in this delta evolved around the rivers, which are the lifeline here.

The southern part of Bangladesh has an outstanding number of rivers and channels, which offer a lot of exciting and unique activities. Floating markets, floating vegetable gardens, backwater river trips and channel cruises, pottery villages, and village homestays are all great things to see and do.

Bangladesh has been blessed with its unique geographical location; Barisal and Kuakata lie on the riverine Ganges delta. An enormous percentage of the population directly depends on the river for their livelihood. The river influences the lifestyle, culture, and emotional outlook of the people of this country incredibly. Numerous stories and tragedies are associated with the river. Bangladesh is crisscrossed by about 700 rivers, including tributaries and distributaries, and can be proud of its rivers as one of the greatest water network systems in the world. The total length of the rivers is about 24,140 kilometres, including the tiny hilly streams, winding seasonal creeks, muddy canals, and several truly magnificent rivers and their tributaries and distributaries. The Jamuna (Brahmaputra), the Padma (Ganges), The Meghna, Surma, and Karnafuli are the major river systems in Bangladesh. The rivers of Bangladesh change their look, emotion and colour every season. The river has been occupying an important place in the creation of all legendary literature of the land.

The massive river network system is incredible here, lush green vegetation, huge natural fish resource, organic agriculture-based economy, easy river transportations, riverine influence on every stage of life is amazing on this holly Ganges delta around Barishal- Kuakata. Back Water River Trip by country boat through the intricated rivers, canals would give you an unlimited photographic opportunity, endless impression about nature and rural life. Exploring villages, meeting people, learning the colours of the culture, trying the local cuisines, floating markets of vegetable, seasonal fruits, rice, wood, various crops, freshly harvested from the garden/ fields of the local farmers; like an unlimited view to watch without any blinks. Just keep your eyes open, your heart will be full of impressions. You are welcome to “once in a lifetime experience” journey with us, any time of the year.

Kuakata the daughter of the sea; located at the south coast of Bangladesh. Kuakata is very well known for panoramic sea beach and reserved forest areas, a famous touristic destination for locals. It is also a place for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage. Numerous devotees arrive here at the festivals of ‘Rush Purnima’ and ‘Maghi Purnima’. On these occasions, the devotees take a holy bath at the Bay of Bengal. A 100 – years – old Buddhist temple is one of the attractions to check out while visiting Kuakata. Hundreds of local bikers will be asking you to give you an adventures ride around, which is fun. A full view of the sunrise and sunset in the water of Bay of Bengal from Kuakata beach is outstanding on a clear sunny day.