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Goaldi mosque is one of the most magnificent edifices in Bangladesh. Single dome brick-built Goaldi mosque looks very cute, located in Sonargaon, Narayanganj district, about a kilometer northeast of Panam City. The architecture of this mosque reminds of the square-shaped mosque style found around Bagerhat during the regime of Khan Jahan Ali. This mosque is an excellent example of 'enclosed square shape' architecture in Bengal, characterised by a cubical prayer chamber with corner turrets and entrances on all sides except

Photography tours in Bangladesh can be a life-changing game. Bangladesh is a country of contrasts, with natural beauty and cultural diversity coexisting with poverty and social issues. It is also a land of opportunities, where photographers can discover countless subjects to photograph and explore. This article will provide some photography-related advice and insights from our recent trips.

The haors and wetlands of Bangladesh are unique and priceless ecosystems that provide numerous benefits to the people and the environment. Haors are enormous bowl-shaped depressions that are flooded for the majority of the year and become agriculturally fertile during the dry season. Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil or is close to the surface, including rivers, lakes, marshes, wetlands, and peatlands. Haors and wetland ecosystems comprise approximately 7% of Bangladesh's land area and support over 20 million

The term "Char" is used to characterize the floodplain sediment islands that form and change along Bangladesh's river channels and coast. Chars are dynamic landforms that are continuously eroded and deposited by river currents and tides. They vary in size, shape, altitude, vegetation, and quality of soil. Some chars are stable and permanent, while others are ephemeral and unstable. The Brahmaputra, Ganges, and Meghna rivers all contributed to the establishment of Bangladesh's "Chars" riverine islands.

Birdwatching trip to Bangladesh is heavenly for the person who cares and loves spotting birds. There are over 700 species of birds found in the country. From migratory birds to endemic species, Bangladesh offers a unique birding experience for both amateur and professional bird-watchers. This trip is dedicatedly designed for bird lovers around the world that we operate once a year.

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