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Explore heritage sites around Rajshahi unboxes the architecture, archaeological heritage, rural life and culture of the northwest corner of Bangladesh. The North-Western region of Bangladesh is a popular destination for various historical monuments, including the number of mosques, Hindu Temples, Buddhist Stupas, Rajbaris (Land lord's palaces), British-era buildings, beautiful landscapes, rivers, Chars and vibrant local and tribal culture. There are many Islamic architectural relics in the country in the form of Mosques, Madrasahs, Palaces and Mausoleums.

Overnight trip to Srimangal is for a person who has limited time to visit the beautiful tea area of Sreemangal or wants to take a short break from a hectic daily routine. It is worth visiting Sreemangal, even for a day or two. This tour begins with a pleasant train ride (to and from) Sreemangal

Nature and Culture trip to Sreemangal is an enticing opportunity that awaits you.Β This trip combines a few days of relaxation in nature and some easy excursions around Sreemangal in four days. You will have the chance to explore the pristine landscapes of Lawachara National Park, where rare flora and fauna flourish. Get ready to encounter the playful Hoolock Gibbons and listen to the symphony of birdsong that fills the air. The tranquility and serenity of this national park will leave

Adventure Trip to Sreemangal brings you into the deep of Sreemangal. You will explore every ins and outs of this area in detail. These seven days trip to Sreemangal is a great combination of all possible activities one can expect in this area. Relaxing at the most picturesque green hilly areas covered by the tea leaves. Trekking through the Lawachara Rain Forest, Remakalenga reserved forest, Satchori reserve forest.

Overnight trip to Sylhet gives you a break from the hectic life and a nice relaxation in nature. We recommend Suktara nature retreat or Nazimgarh resort for your accommodation on this trip so that you will be in nature even if you are just in your hotel. You can also experience some activities like; a nice city walk with important tourist sites, tea estates, Ratargul Swamp Forest or Bichanakandi natural tourist spot, Lalakhal and Jaflong area and authentic Sylheti local

Weekend relaxation in Sylhet is an idea to explore Sylhet in and around over the weekend. Leaving Dhaka city by overnight train to Sylhet is an opportunity to experience the night train service of Bangladesh. This weekend trip to Sylhet includes a nice city walk with important tourist sites, tea estates, Ratargul Swamp Forest or Bichanakandi natural tourist spot, Lalakhal and Jaflong area and trying authentic local dishes. Our trips are always connected to the local life and culture.

A trip to Srimangal and Sylhet offers quite a verities experiences within a short time. On these 10 days trip, you will explore the most picturesque green hilly areas covered by tea leaves, reserved rain forest, wildlife and bird sanctuaries, renowned waterfalls, haors, local lifestyle and culture of Sreemangal and Sylhet. Hiking, cycling and country boat cruising are unforgettable memories.

Trip to Chittagong and Bandarban Hill tracts are beautiful and unique in many ways, but they are still unexplored. This region has much excitement to offer. On this six-day trip to Chittagong and the Bandarban Hill Tracts, you will explore the ins and outs of Chittagong City, beautiful nature and the vibrant ethnic culture of Bandarban.

A trip to the Chittagong Shipbreaking Yard is like venturing into a world of raw industrial power and captivating chaos. As the sun rises, casting a golden hue over the bustling city of Chittagong in Bangladesh, anticipation fills the air. The shipbreaking yard, located on the banks of the Karnaphuli River, beckons with its enigmatic allure.