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best time for a package trip to bangladesh

Bangladesh tour FAQ


We’re more than just a travel agency. We have extensive experience in many fields, and no request is too big for us. Reach out to us and be surprised by what we can offer. Please find below a small selection of the most frequently asked questions.

• Make sure your passport validates for at least six months beyond your arrival date. • Arrange for adequate travel insurance.

• Notify your credit/debit card Bank/company that you will be travelling to Bangladesh.

• Review the most recent travel warnings for Bangladesh.

• A valid visa from the nearest Bangladesh consulate with the help of your tour operator.

• Loose-fitting, modest attire during the summer and rainy season between mid-March to the end of October. Long sleeves and proper winter clothes during the winter season between November to early March, 

• A hat or scarves or both

• Sunglasses and sunscreen

• A torch (flashlight) in case of a power outage

• A sleeping sheet for low-cost hotels

• Repellent against mosquitoes

• If visiting the Chittagong Hill Tracts, antimalarial and dengue drugs

• WHO-approved full-dose COVID-19 vaccination certificates

• Invitation letter, trip itinerary (including hotel reservation) for taking advantage of VOA

• Some emergency US dollars in cash, as well as a credit card (s)

Bangladesh is a conservative society, so bring clothing that covers your arms and legs to avoid offending. If you want to enter religious buildings as a woman, you should wear a headscarf. Wear loose-fitting, breathable fabrics because of the tropical heat. Many female travellers buy a salwar kameez (a loose-fitting shirt and trousers) and a dupatta scarf, which can double as a head covering.

• Allow extra time for travel; delays are common on all modes of transportation in Bangladesh.

• Be wary of overcrowded boats; staying on deck is often safer than sleeping below deck.

• Dress modestly, covering arms and legs; women should bring a headscarf when visiting religious sites.

• Bring earplugs; traffic noise can be deafening.

• When eating street food, stick to crowded stalls where you can see the food being prepared fresh.

• Drink bottled water instead of ice and ice cream.

• Avoid public protests and demonstrations because they can turn violent.

• Get the most up-to-date information on the security situation before you travel to Bangladesh.

• Interact with the locals! Bengalis are among the friendliest people on the Indian subcontinent.

Almost any time of year. The most popular seasons, however, are mid-October to mid-March. Because of the high demand for Christmas and winter vacations, summer school breaks, and comfortable weather. A growing number of visitors realize that the months of June to September are ideal for enjoying lush green, rains and lower visitor numbers.

During the summer and rainy season between April to September, we offer some safaris and packages significantly reduced throughout lush green Bangladesh, which most western travellers have not seen, fearing the heat and rain. We may also offer some good discounts for larger groups during this time – please get in touch with us for more information.

Yes. All trips are available with the exclusive use of a vehicle for your group. A tailormade trip for solo travellers/ couples costs significantly more per person than a seat on a comparable small group tour. However, the cost of the vehicle, driver and guide on a customized trip with an exclusive vehicle is divided by the total number of guests sharing the vehicle. As a result, the cost of a custom trip per person decreases as more guests share the vehicle (maximum in one vehicle ‘minivan’ is usually 6 PAX, but on request, we can carry up to 8 PAX, such as for families with children).

Yes, we are very specialized in customizing trips in Bangladesh. Customized trips are like an open horizon that birds can fly over in any direction. You may choose a trip from the tour section of the website or customize a trip according to your wish. We will, in any case, share our experience and knowledge on your plans to make your trip a lifetime story. Promis, we are very good at that. We can arrange any itinerary you require, subject to practical and logistical considerations, and we will be happy to discuss and quote for your unique needs.

Bangladesh is an excellent vacation for any child who is old enough to enjoy and appreciate the experience. Most of the trips include long journeys on rough roads, which are not suitable for babies and very young children. Children under the age of 12 will benefit from reduced fares on scheduled airlines, and many lodges will provide a free extra bed for a child sharing a room with parents. Most hotels/ lodges have spacious rooms with double/ double/ twin beds as standard.

For transfers and sightseeing, we use a sedan car, 10 -seater minivan / 30-seat minibuses and can any other vehicles according to the requirements of our guests with sufficient time ahead. In addition to the foregoing, all our vehicles are outfitted with all necessary tools and first-aid kits. All our transport drivers are well trained, experienced, dedicated and friendly. 

A 200mm zoom lens is the smallest you should use for wildlife photography; a 300-400 zoom is preferable. A 500mm or larger lens is required for birdwatching in Sundarbans, Lawachara rain forest and other reserve forests of Bangladesh. A wide-angle lens is ideal for street and scenic shots. Bring extra camera, flash batteries, and plenty of memory cards, as these may be expensive and difficult to obtain locally.

Because we have earned the knowledge from a long time of practical experience, have a solid connection with people, culture and nature, and dedication to making your trip an unforgettable experience! Reviews from previous clients can be found on TripAdvisor, lonely planet and many other online and ofline travel forums. If you want to contact any of our previous clients, please request their e-mail or phone numbers.