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Scenic river journey by paddle steamer in Bangladesh

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A half-day trip to Old Dhaka is a very brief introduction to the life and culture of the old part of Dhaka city. It often happens that many businesses, transit travellers have some lazy hours before or after the meeting, workshop, flight. This trip can be the best use of time with an outstanding experience.…

$44 / per person
Half Day (5 to 6 hours)

A unique trip to Bangladesh to experience life, culture, and nature, besides the tourist places, within seven days This trip will bring you into contact with people, chaos, the bazaar, markets, rivers, char, and nature. You will be surfing through a deeper part of Old Dhaka, Sonargaon, traditional Jamdani saree weaving, an overnight launch journey,…

$1225 / per person

Bangladesh is proud of her vast rivers. Therefore, it is warmly called the land of rivers by her people. The civilization in this delta evolved around the rivers. Paddle steamer and Heritage around Bengal delta offers an adorable river trip through the southern river networks and culture in 3 days. On this three-day trip, you…

$431 / per person

This trip is a fantastic mixture of life, culture, and heritage of Dhaka and surrounding areas, including the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Cox's Bazar, and the only coral island. It is a journey through a diverse tribal culture, vibrant local life, adventures, lush nature, bamboo rafts, hiking and a beautiful cruise on numerous lakes and rivers…

$1750 / per person

This trip is an idea to explore Sylhet in and around over the weekend. Leaving Dhaka city by overnight train to Sylhet is an opportunity to experience the night train service of Bangladesh. This weekend trip to Sylhet includes a nice city walk with important tourist sites, tea estates, Ratargul Swamp Forest or Bichanakandi natural…

$347 / per person

On this three-day trip to Rajshahi,  you will explore some ancient architecture, archaeological heritage and culture of Rajshahi area. The North-Western region of Bangladesh is a popular destination for various historical monuments, including a number of mosques, Temples, Stupas, Rajbaris (Land lord's palaces), British-era buildings, beautiful landscapes, rivers, Chars and vibrant local and tribal culture.…

$444 / per person

A trip to Sylhet-Srimangal offers quite a verities experiences within a short time. On these 10 days trip, you will explore the most picturesque green hilly areas covered by tea leaves, reserved rain forest, wildlife and bird sanctuaries, renowned waterfalls, haors, local lifestyle and culture of Sreemangal and Sylhet. Hiking, cycling and country boat cruising…

$1287 / per person

North-Western region of Bangladesh is a popular destination for a variety of historical monuments, including numbers of mosques, Temples, Stupas, Rajbaris (Land lord's palaces), British era buildings, beautiful landscapes, delicious Mango & Litchi, Silk, rivers, Chars and vibrant local and tribal culture. There are many Islamic architectural relics in the country in the form of…

$657 / per person

This trip combines a few days of relaxation in nature and some easy excursions around Sreemangal in four days. The excitement starts from a train trip to Sreemangal through the beautiful landscapes. Besides your relaxation in Sreemangal, you are welcome to follow some of our proposed activities in and around. The activities of this trip…

$561 / per person

An overnight trip to Rajshahi offers a glimpse of history, culture, local lifestyle, architecture, and beautiful archaeological sites. Rajshahi is also very famous for its fine silk, luscious mango, litchis and magnificent architectural landmarks. The clean streets and green surroundings of the city have always welcomed discriminating tourists.

$341 / per person

On this eight days trip to the northwestern corner of Bangladesh, you will explore all important archaeological sites, ancient and contemporary architectures, and diverse rural lifestyles and cultures. This region of the country is a popular destination for various historical monuments, including the number of mosques, temples, stupas, Rajbaris (Landlord's palaces), British-era buildings, ancient and…

$1025 / per person

On this four-day trip, you will experience a great treat to Sonargaon – the first capital of Bengal, an in-depth excursion through Old Dhaka's life and architecture. A charming overnight river journey by paddle steamer to the UNESCO heritage site of Bagerhat. And a unique experience of fishing technic by trained otters.

$657 / per person