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A unique trip to Bangladesh to experience life, culture and nature besides the touristic places within seven days. This trip will bring you into the people, chaos, Bazaar, markets, rivers, char and nature. You will be surfing through the deeper parts of Old Dhaka, Sonargaon, traditional Jamdani Saree weaving, overnight launch journey, Barishal Back water…

$1225 / per person

Meet the highly skilful brass and primitive pottery artisans of Dhamrai, visit one of the country's finest old Hindu landlord's palaces. These exciting sites, beautiful landscapes, lush vegetation, and cross-culture interaction make this trip a complete package for an explorer.

$67 / per person

The architecture tour of Bangladesh is a unique interactive tour program for architects and people passionate about architecture, art, culture and nature. We are the first and only operator to offer this trip once a year in October. This tour requires a lot of permission from the government, private organizations, and individuals for site visits…

$0 / per person

This six-day trip in and around Dhaka would let you explore Dhaka's new, old and neighbourhood, including a day trip to the first capital Sonargaon, Brass artisan village in Dhamrai, and some ancient and contemporary architectures.

$721 / per person

The story of Bangladesh is colourful and multi-layered. This trip promotes the tradition and rich reservoir of culture and an ever-evolving museum of human heritage. Bangladesh is for everyone; is not only a tour but a celebration of history and heritage, art and culture, food and festivals, and a collage of its beauty and splendour…

$2799 / per person

Bangladesh is the land of people for whom kindness, generosity, encourage is the way of life. Study and Travel Bangladesh is an opportunity for you to explore and read out this fascinating noble within a month-long trip with us. We are eagerly waiting to welcome you to this ever-friendly country.

$4881 / per person