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An overnight trip to Rajshahi offers a glimpse of history, culture, local lifestyle, architecture, and beautiful archaeological sites. Rajshahi is also very famous for its fine silk, luscious mango, litchis and magnificent architectural landmarks. The clean streets and green surroundings of the city have always welcomed discriminating tourists.

$341 / per person

On this eight days trip to the northwestern corner of Bangladesh, you will explore all important archaeological sites, ancient and contemporary architectures, and diverse rural lifestyles and cultures. This region of the country is a popular destination for various historical monuments, including the number of mosques, temples, stupas, Rajbaris (Landlord's palaces), British-era buildings, ancient and…

$1025 / per person

North-Western region of Bangladesh is a popular destination for a variety of historical monuments, including numbers of mosques, Temples, Stupas, Rajbaris (Land lord's palaces), British era buildings, beautiful landscapes, delicious Mango & Litchi, Silk, rivers, Chars and vibrant local and tribal culture. There are many Islamic architectural relics in the country in the form of…

$657 / per person