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Archaeology and culture of Rajshahi is a voyage into the past and present for five days. Rajshahi is the home of ancient archaeological heritage sites and architecture. Vibrant rural life, fascinating culture, rivers, chars, and beautiful landscapes make this trip a noble journey. Various historical monuments, including a number of mosques and mausoleums, madrasahs, Hindu…

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Archaeological and cultural heritage tour of Bangladesh through the northwestern region to explore all important archaeological sites from the prehistoric age to the colonial period, ancient and contemporary architecture, and diverse rural lifestyles and cultures. This region is a very popular destination for various historical monuments, including kushumba mosques, Puthia temples, Paharpur UNESCO World Heritage…

$1160 / tour starting at
bangladesh unesco world heritage tour World Heritage Tour

Welcome to the UNESCO World Heritage and culture tour. Bangladesh is rich in history, culture, natural beauty, exceptional hospitality and ever-friendly people

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