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A trip to Sonargaon, the old capital of Bengal, is a great treat. Sonargaon was the country's first capital from the 13th to 17th century, located about 30km southeast by the Dhaka Chittagong highway. In its prime time, the 'Golden City' was also an important river port and the trading centre for the world-famous muslin cloth. The remains of several mosques, tombs, stupas and a bridge in Panam Nagar, the Shiv Mandir (Hindu temple) and the well-maintained Folk-Art Museum are

The daylong walking tour of old Dhaka walks through the mysterious heritage and the streets that are not yet mentioned in any travel guide, and an individual will not find those secrets by themselves. Puran Dhaka (Old Dhaka) is dirty, messy, and crowded, but that is part of its charm. Colourful rickshaws abound at every corner, and kids play cricket wherever they can. Mosques call for prayer, and shingara merchants often offer tourists free Shingara or puri.

This trip explores the renowned highlights of central and Old Dhaka. This is an elaborate day excursion through the city, combining most of the important tourist attractions. This trip can be ideal for a family with children and may not like to walk that much. Old Dhaka is a place where you can spend a couple of days just walking on the street, taking pictures, meeting friendly people, exploring local craftsmanship, recycling industry, experiencing the culture, and trying delicious foods.

Bangladesh is a land of stories, and chaotic Dhaka would be a compact of all genres for a photographer. A photography trip to old Dhaka includes vibrant street photography, life and culture, food photography, festivals, various recycling industries, the lifestyle of the slums and Behari camps, arts, crafts, artisan and many more. A photographer does not have to look for stories; they will be everywhere around you.

A half-day trip to Old Dhaka is a very brief introduction to the life and culture of the old part of Dhaka city. It often happens that many businesses, transit travellers have some lazy hours before or after the meeting, workshop, flight. This trip can be the best use of time with an outstanding experience. As local experts, we know our city very well to give you the best. Just give us a call, we can always work out some