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Discover the Jewels of Bangladesh

We do not believe that you are only interested at the place mentioned in the travel guide books. We are the local expert, let us read your mind and show you what special things we have for you.

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Where to find a best compas in Bangladesh

Tailored trips

Explore Bangladesh from a different perspective

To us, tourism is not all about going to new places; instead it’s a mix of traveling, studying, interacting and moreover contributing to the locals. Bangladesh is not an exotic tourist destination for sure, but it mystifies civilizations with diversities.

Amazing day in Dhaka

He is an experienced guide who knows and deeply loves the city, and it is a joy to get to see Dhaka like a local with him.


Santa Monica, California

Great tour guide for people who hate tours

I'm one of those people who really hate guided tours. However, Royal Bengal Tours offers the type of laid-back, relaxed experience that makes it very much worthwhile.


London, UK

Memorable Excursion

Seldom had a Guide which was so forthcoming and open. Became friends immediatly. Highly suggested.


Lucerne, Switzerland
beautiful landscape of Chittagong hill tract