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Royal Bengal Tiger

Truly majestic to see

Trip to Magical Mangrove forest ‘Sundarbans’- home of Bengal Tiger.


The world’s largest contiguous mangrove forest hosts an amazing faunal & floral diversity, including the probably largest remaining population of Royal Bengal tigers, the endangered estuarine crocodile, Ganges River dolphins as well as an astounding variety of birds. Located in the South-Western coastal area of Bangladesh. Join our Adventure Cruise and explore this intricate maze of tidal waterways, a natural treasure of Bangladesh.


Tour Type:  Adventure Tour / Wildlife Safari / Bird Watching / Relaxing Trip / River Cruise / Nature Tour.


Tour Duration: Usual trips are 2 Nights and 3 days or 3 Nights and 4 days staying in the forest, duration of the trip can be customized on demand.


Good Time to visit: October to February (winter), when the sun is mild and pleasant, is generally considered the best season for visiting though the Forest offers visitors spectacular sights and experiences all year round. From March to May (summer) and May to October (monsoon) temperatures and humidity are high, increasing chances for sighting snakes and nesting activities in the lush green vegetation. We organize trips throughout the year.


How to get there

All travel through the Sundarbans is boat-based. All of our Sundarban tours start and end at Khulna/Mongla. Jessore is the closest airport, well connected with a regular shuttle service to Khulna. Bus and train services exist between Dhaka and Khulna.


Permits are necessary

Permission is required for both; national and internationals visitors from the Forest Department to entering into the forest. While making a trip with us; we will take care of all the necessary paperwork.


Areas we mostly cover

The Sundarban Forest is the largest single block of mangroves in the world and only mangrove with tigers. Has the highest diversity of flora & fauna and a complex ecosystem, influenced by fresh-water inflow, proximity to the Bay of Bengal and human activities. At least one third of the total area is permanently covered by water, therefore boat is the only way to explore the magic of this forest. The biodiversity is highest in the south eastern part. Due to open sea-facing meadows, wildlife visibility is best here. Therefore most of our excursions are within South-Eastern Sanctuaries name Kotka and Kochikhali.


Activities in the forest during the trip:

Most of the wildlife’s in Sundarban are very active in the morning and in the afternoon, due to their very well camouflaged almost impossible to identify during the sunny time of mid-day. We suggest to relax and enjoy the forest from house boat during the mid-day.


• Early morning bird watching trip: depending on the fog situation around 6:00am we embark on a wooden country boat in order to explore the narrow creeks and enjoy the nature very closely. Normally we do not get off from the boat to the forest during this trip, wearing comfortable shoes and avoiding dark color clothe to scare off or attract wildlife are recommended.


• Beach Activities: Late in the morning we will invite you to the beach activities. Due to the area and duration of our trip activities may differ. Walk by beautiful sandy beach along the Bay of Bengal or 2½km walking through the grass land forest to the beach.


• Mud Bath: Taking a bath or making self-statue with very rich herbal mud, is not only a part fan but also this fine mud is good for your skin.


• Jangle Walk: In the afternoon our country boat will drop us in the shore for couples of hour trekking through the forest. Due to the tidal effects or rain the walk way could be slippery/sticky muddy/ sharp, strong areal roots, so please be prepared with proper footwear, which has a strong sole and could be tight with legs.


• Afternoon birdwatching trip: Same as morning bird watching trip, just in different time.

Here are a few facts about this unique place in the world -


• The Sundarban Forest is the world’s only mangrove inhabited by a sustainable number of Royal Bengal Tigers.


• Among the 32 species of mammals recorded, the most commonly seen are rhesus macaque, wild boar, otters, and spotted deer.


• Four species of dolphins have been recorded in the Sundarban waterways: Ganges River dolphin, Irrawaddy dolphin, Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin and the Finless porpoises.


• Over 270 species of birds have been recorded here, including nine species of kingfishers, lesser adjutant, white-bellied sea eagle, masked finfoot and the prized mangrove pitta.


• About fifty species of reptiles are known to occur here, including the king cobra, several species of pit vipers, monitor lizards and the large estuarine crocodile.


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