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Kantajew Temple

Build in 1722 CE

North - West Bangladesh


Area: Tangail, Bogra, Shirajgonj, Rangpur, Kurigram, Chilmari, Dinajpur, Joypurhat, Naogaon, Rajshahi, Puthia, Chapai Nawabgonj, Natore,


This region is a popular destination for a variety of historical monuments, including numbers of mosques, Hindu Temples, Rajbaris (Land lord’s palaces) and British era buildings. Notable among them are Mahasthangarh – the first Hindu capital of ancient Bengal dated from 3rd Century B.C, Archaeological site museum, Vasu Bihar – which accommodated 700 Buddhist monks in its monasteries back in the days, the location near this site where the last Buddha had taken exercise and rested and traces of his footmarks are still to be seen. Other attractions include Natore Rajbari, Uttara Gano Bhaban- previously known as Dighapatia Palace, Chapai Nawabgonj – the town of Mango and Nakshikantha- elaborately hand embroidered traditional quilt, superbly decorated Chhota Sona Masjid (Small Golden Mosque), Puthia – location of the largest number of historically important magnificent Hindu structures in Bangladesh, country’s finest old Rajbaris, Largest Shiva Temple in the country and intricate terracotta designed Govinda Temple in the Rajbari courtyard. Come to Rajshahi, the area which grows almost half of the country’s famous mangoes and the only silk production place to experience walking along the mighty Ganges River and enjoying the sunset, see one of the last remaining examples of the Indigo Factories that once flourished in the region standing on its bank, or visit the oldest Varendra Research Museum which has a huge collections of Hindu and Buddhist rare black basalt sculpture. Paharpur: The UNESCO declared world site Somapuri Vihara at Paharpur is the largest Buddhist monastery in the south of the Himalayas dating from the 8th century AD. Rangpur: Visiting the Rangpur Carmichael College, the Kali temple, Kochi ethnic group- an Indo-Tibetan people related to the plains tribes of Assam, the Tajhat Palace –which exhibits a great fusion of classical British and Mughal architecture will be worth spending every minute of your visit. The Dinajpur Rajbari – with its adjoining Krishna temple, the Kantajees Temple – decorated with infinite panels of intricately sculpted terracotta plaques displays the county’s finest example of terracotta style. Apart from mentioned archeological sites, rural village lifestyle and chars are the main attraction of this area and highly recommended to explore.


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