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'Capital of tea'

Bangladesh North - East


Shrines, Largest Rain forest in the country, Khashia & Monipurt Tribal community and the tea capital of Bangladesh

Sylhet is situated close to Bangladesh’s border with the Indian states of Meghalaya, Assam and Tripura. Sylhet & Srimongal holds the greatest variety of landscapes to explore, with low rolling hills carpeted by the tea plantations, scattered patches of tropical forests, and massive wetland marshes. The variety of countryside scenery in Sylhet remains ripe for exploration. Bangladesh produces and exports a large quantity of high quality tea and most of the tea plantations are situated in the northeastern areas, around Sylhet and Srimongal. The rainfall is higher than average- a fact which British tea planters realized in the 18th century, to the advantage of tea cultivation. These conditions have provided rich tropical forests with many species of wildlife, scented orange groves and pineapple plantations. It is also the home of Khashia and Monipuri tribes. The waterfall of Madhabkunda is another picturesque place to visit. Jafflong, where the river runs along the border between Bangladesh and India, holds an exceptionally serene beauty. There are a number of ‘haors’ or marshy wetlands in this region which are natural depressed swamps holding water almost the whole year round. They are home to many species of fish and thousands of local and migratory birds. The district of Sylhet is also prominent spiritual centre and home to numerous Sufi shrines; it hosts the 14th century mausoleums of sufi saints Shah Jalal and Shah Paran- must see for the spiritual tourists!


Srimongal, which is about 70 km south of Sylhet is called the ‘capital of tea’. Most of the tea plantations are centered here, which is the main attraction of the region. A high percentage of tribal population adds to its attraction. The other main attraction is the Lawacharra forest, only few kilometers away from Srimongal town, where you can find Hornbills, White Browed Gibbons and many other animals.


Places to checkout/ Activities:


• Cycling through the tea state

• Visiting the villages of Khashia, and Monipuri Tribal community

• Hiking through the Lawachara Rain Forest

• Hiking to the Ham Ham Waterfall

• Madhabpur Lake

• Hail Haor, Baikka Bil Haor ( Migratory birds Sanctuary)

• Madhabkunda Waterfall

• Mausoleums of Shah Jalal and Shah Paran

• Lala Khal Reserved forest forest

• Remakalenga Reserve forest

• Jaflong River coming down from the Indian (Meghalaya) Hill

• Tanguar Haor (largest permanent wet land/ Migratory birds Sanctuary)


  We organize two night three days to one week trip in this area. There are regular train, buses and air services from Dhaka and of course private transport is always available up on your interest.




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